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$ 48.00

Massa and Kimmi work together to make these lovely stoneware belly mugs. Rounded and tapered to feel nice in the hand, they have a one-finger handle. We love this variable blue glaze, like the ocean in your palm and the variety of glazes Sisters experiments. 

Sisters Ceramics are pottery characters at the beginning of the road, trying out ideas and competing with each other for speed, stamina and skill. They’re not real like you, but each has personal and real reasons for doing pottery. Massa: regular, straight and true; Kimmi: research driven; and Koko: just way way out there. Great to be sisters but also happy to be different. ⁠"You might wonder how our fictional battles materialize into bowls, cups, plates and vases. Sometimes we wonder ourselves!!"⁠

Wheel thrown small stoneware ceramic belly mugs. Perfect for a getting cozy with a foamy cappuccino, fragrant tea or sipping hot chocolate. This is a handmade item with slight variances in shape, height and glaze finish.
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