S+M Fragrances x Poet and the Bench / Perfume / No. 11

$ 30.00

No. 11. A mysterious gender inclusive perfume blend inspired by the idea that the universe aligns to point out where our true path lies. A fragrance to put you in touch with your intuition.

In collaboration with Manuela King of S+M Fragrances, No. 11 is our first x Poet and/the Bench scent together. No. 11 exemplifies Manuela's approach of designing scent to be beautiful and healing at an emotional and physical level. Using synthetic-free raw materials, there is a purposeful experience of connecting us to the earth and a sensory experience of nature, while transporting us to a place of wonder, if even within ourselves.


No. 11 celebrates our brick and mortar location at 11 Throckmorton; our founding on the 11th month of the year (in 2015); 1+1 as a symbol of collaboration; and of duality–of beauty and physiological outcome.

What Makes it x Poet and/the Bench? We wanted an exquisite perfume, handcrafted in harmony with nature to transport us to “those moments in between” of which our Atmosphere collection is intended. We requested Jasmine, known as the king of flowers, for its luscious tenacity; the exotic, rich and earthiness of Sandalwood, tempered by the Vanilla sweetness; Black Pepper (aka black gold) for its embodiment of the Poet and/the Bench workshop grit and for its complexity: at once bright, fresh, stimulating and warm, delivering a burst of heat–a lot like love; and Tobacco was also included as we enjoy the rich, somewhat herbaceous aroma that takes us deep within the forest (in perfumery, tobacco is anything but smokey or chemical because it hasn’t actually been smoked). We chose liquid coconut oil as the base instead of alcohol for a more tactile experience, touch to touch, and for its longer lasting unfolding over time.

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