RatxChicks Ceramics / Two Sun Jar / Rabbits on the Phone

$ 1,150.00

It is the year of the rabbit so RatxChicks artist Michelle Im wanted to create communication vessels, like a warp in time. “A kind of sending messages into the universe…talking about the universe. But they’re rabbits obviously,” she said.

The moon jar (Korean: dalhangari)—so called because of its evocative form—was usually made by joining two hemispherical halves. Difficult to make as a single, this new interpretation as a sun jar, with a duo of vessels is even more complex with its added form and decoration. 

"Influenced by the importance placed on porcelain works in Korean ceramics culture, I was drawn to the material in the beginning. I started ceramics working on the wheel and firing porcelain to high temperatures. Eventually, as I developed my ideas for surface decoration, I turned to hand building methods and now I strictly work with earthenware clay."
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