Pure Mana / Skincare / Radiant Glow

$ 105.00

Radiant Glow, will be your go-to age-defying body oil treatment. It's literally food for your skin!⁠ It's a powerful organic blend of Macadamia, Kukui, and Avocado oils. Yum! In combination, they restore essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to help minimize moisture loss and maintain a healthy skin barrier. ⁠

+ Radiant Glow has the most sensual, intoxicating scent! An exotic blend of Hawaiian Tuberose, Hawaiian Vanilla, Nepalese Cinnamon and Sri Lankan Clove. 

Free of: Fillers, Gluten, Animal-Derived Ingredients, Parabens, Synthetic Chemicals, Colors, Preservatives, Solvents, Sulfates, Phthalates, and Artificial Fragrances. 


Vegan and Organically-Farmed Macadamia Nut Oil From Hawaii is full of anti-oxidants and fatty acids, balances skin tone, and is anti-bacterial/fungal and anti-inflammatory. Goes into skin, healing from the deep layers and up.⁠ The collection includes: Soul Serum (face), Vitality C (eye), Purity Boost (face; sensitive) and Radiant Glow (body).⁠

The two women behind Pure Mana are amazing farmer-creators! Grown on Mahina Male Farm, family-owned and operated since 2003,  and located at 1700 ft elevation, the fertile soil feeds their certified organic macadamia nut and Kona coffee farm, which also hosts approximately 40 other tropical fruits and flowers.

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