Miami Beach Bum / Skincare / Natural Bug Repellent

$ 24.00

Essential oils and no weird ingredients, this is bug spray you actually want to wear. A natural repellent, it puts in the work so you can enjoy every outdoor moment. Alcohol and DEET-free.

Miami Beach Bum was founded by a marine scientist for active lifestyles in water, sun and wind. All ingredients are EWG1! 

“As a marine scientist, the ocean is a part of my daily ritual. From constantly being in wet bathing suits I developed folliculitis on my bum. Beauty shelves didn’t have a healthy or environmentally-responsible solution, so I formulated something for my own use that became our signature Bum + Body Cream. Now with a growing collection, each product has become an essential part of my ritual and I hope they can become a part of your unique ritual too.” ~ Founder Ayssa Di Pietro
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