Miami Beach Bum / Skincare / Facial in a Jar

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RESTOCKED! Facial in a Jar is a skin barrier-fortifying base of aloe, hyaluronic acid and squalane delivering long-lasting, skin-plumping hydration. Algae detoxifies skin and replenishes essential vitamins and minerals while toning and improving skin elasticity. Antioxidant packed botanicals green tea and blueberry protect skin from aging, UV damage, redness, and irritations. Lemongrass, a revitalizing scent, cleanses and tightens pores and fine lines.

Fast absorbing or double layer for a dewy finish. We've been using Facial in a Jar daily and have noticed a marked healthy appearance and reduction in inflammation. 

Miami Beach Bum was founded by a marine scientist for active lifestyles in water, sun and wind. All ingredients are EWG1! 

“As a marine scientist, the ocean is a part of my daily ritual. From constantly being in wet bathing suits I developed folliculitis on my bum. Beauty shelves didn’t have a healthy or environmentally-responsible solution, so I formulated something for my own use that became our signature Bum + Body Cream. Now with a growing collection, each product has become an essential part of my ritual and I hope they can become a part of your unique ritual too.” ~ Founder Ayssa Di Pietro
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