Maddalena Bearzi / Ring / Costellazione Star

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An easy to wear alternative to a double ring, yet with the same profile. Inspired by how constellations, as a group of stars, form an imaginary pattern on the celestial sphere.

"Water, Earth, Air and Planets are the main themes of my collections. Within each collection, one can find a necklace inspired by the shape of a millipede or a ring that reminds of a far-away planet. I find sources of creativity and directions for my jewelry collections everywhere around me. I don’t need to go out at sea and study whales with my research boat to let my imagination go wild. I can find inspiration in the leaf of a succulent plant in my house," says Maddalena.

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The disc sits on one finger, while the band is on the next finger over, giving the appearance of a double ring. This version has brown and green tones from the oxidation process.
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