Loren Lewis Cole / Necklace / Galactic Medallion

$ 300.00

Inspired by the notion of sacred armour, the Galactic Medallion brings a feeling of power and potency–an amulet that protects us against our own limitations. This bold pendant by Bristol-based Loren Lewis Cole references maps and Mandalas and is produced using Fair Trade yellow gold. Reversible design with etchings on both sides.

"Speak to me of passion, he said. Never settle for anything less, I said. ~ We’re taught what to fear and what to desire largely by others responses to the world. To know yourself is to be powerful. It’s a lifelong endeavour. Perhaps you don’t want an idea that pleases others. Perhaps you want your own desire. To desire is to be desirable. Let’s all be hungry for our own expansion and that sparkle of the unknown in the eyes of others. 🖤~ Loren Lewis Cole

Use this amulet to traverse matter and magic. Loren says that jewellery brings her a sense of wordless appreciation and magic, and somehow, although it's completely public, it's also our own private companion, right up against our soft skin. Loren Lewis Cole uses traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery, each lovingly made to order.
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