Linda Benenati / Art / Encaustic / Noblewomen / Princess Bearella of Polar

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Linda pulls from the 20's and 30's, anything French and in this Encaustic Mixed Media series, fantastical noble women. We love Princess Bearella of Polar which reminds us of a combination of The Chronicles of Narnia and His Dark Materials.

From the artist: "I like to create works of whimsy with a strong narrative reflecting both past and present time periods. As an artist, I want to spark an emotional connection with the viewer and begin a conversation. Hopefully, viewers will complete the story, which may have sprung from a single word, with their own story." ~ Linda Benenati

Linda has ventured into wonderland for her delightful encaustic paintings. This ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks, uses heat throughout the process, from melting the beeswax mixture to fusing each layer of wax. Linda's encaustic medium consists of natural bees wax and dammar resin (crystallized tree sap). She also uniquely incorporates collage elements, which add surprise and dimension.
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