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Buzzing Under the Bridge, The Lady Vanishes and Somewhere Out There are part of Linda Benenati's homage to the French "caché" which translates to "hidden" in English and the concept is also about mystery. Fog obscures the stories of different women, set in iconic locations in one of the artist's favorite cities — San Francisco.  The theme of the French-based word Caché is in homage to Paris, Linda's other favorite city. And, stylistically they are a nod to the past of the 30’s - 40’s. We love how it telegraphs a super natural narrative.

From the artist: "Buzzing Under the Bridge features a vintage looking woman in flight through the fog beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The painting poses the question of whether this flight to freedom is exhilarating or frightening. There is after all a certain security and feeling of safety that comes with structure and rules. Her face is portrayed as a bit ambivalent. She is dressed in nightwear. Could this be a dream?  The bees surrounding her might be protecting or guiding her. Bees often symbolize personal power and perhaps their guidance may help her discover a new destination. Bees are often seen as wanting one to live of our life to the fullest and to not fear pursuing our dreams." ~ Linda Benenati

From the artist: "Many of the questions the series provokes must ultimately be answered by each viewer and their own stories and past which add to one’s individual interpretation. In my mind, I see each woman as escaping some difficult situation in her life. It could be a number of things and hopefully each viewer will relate to her and think of the things they have or would like to escape from. Ultimately these tales of escape are tales of power. It is my contention that all good art not only tells or suggests stories but also invites the viewer to draw some of their own conclusions. I like to layer my paintings with clues and suggestions and of course fill them with my own obsessions such as place, time, story -- often with a nod to other art such as films, books or music." ~ Linda Benenati
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