Laura Roebuck / Fine Art / Painting / Unintentional Moonlight

$ 10,000.00

"Unintentional Moonlight" is a complex painting and a bit of a departure with its restraint. Laura spent years deciding whether to add more and realized time and again how much she loves the border-like emptiness that surrounds the painted area. She decided to keep it minimal. And we love it. 

“Laura Roebuck has distilled a lifetime of creative observation and psychological exploration into an artistic language that conveys a unique sense of movement, texture, and color. Her paintings are a passageway to our inner thoughts that awaken our imagination. Laura's paintings embody a rich history of experiences: from hospitals, lecture halls, and dance studios to villages in Asia and a rural Mexican clinic while also drawing on a bi-coastal relationship to the towns and beaches of New England and California. The layered surfaces of her paintings reveal her exploratory process and fascination with color, balance, and the psyche.” ~ Susan Braham Koletsky / Museum Director
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