Laura Roebuck / Fine Art / Painting / Charlotte Russe

$ 1,350.00

Laura Roebuck's Charlotte Russe continues the theme of her smaller sized abstract artworks that explore the interplay of color, shape, and texture–with fluid, dynamic gestural brushstrokes. This size layers in fabulous ways with other artwork and brings contrast to neutral decor with its pale tones and textures.

Laura experiments with both a purer form of painting with conventional approaches and a more sculptural form expressed through very thick, impasto, paint and non-conventional media including sand, ash and found objects. 

Many a Charlotte Russe have been eaten across Europe and the United States. Originally invented by a French chef in the late 1700s to early 1800s, cold icebox and hot custard variations exist today. While Laura's abstract gestural paintings do not begin with an intention per se, they often end on a familiar note, perhaps this trifle was holding space in her subconscious. 
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