Latch Key / Ceramics / Wall Hanging / Notte Luna (Still We Rise Auction)

$ 200.00

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Available to purchase as part of the Still We Rise Auction no 9. Go to @_stillwerise on Insta. Look for this item over the week of June 20-June 29 and place your bid. 

"The cycles within life are a constant theme I refer to. Whether it is human life, the cycle of the moon and planets or even the very cycle of the earth that produces clay. Everything is always in motion, regardless if we feel it or not." ~ Whitney Sharpe


In the @_stillwerise Instagram feed, locate this item. Place just your bid amount in the comment in US $, in whole numbers (eg $200, $250). The auction is in response to police brutality and benefits: 

Winners will select the organization from those above to donate to directly, you can donate to 1 or divide amongst to give to all, it's up to you. You then send the receipt of your donation to Once this has happened Still We Rise will connect you with us to claim your win and arrange next steps. The metallics, forms, and mid century modern inspired one-of-a-kind ceramic gems are just stunning! This is a handmade item with slight variances in shape, height and glaze finish.

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