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I live in Japan. My son seems to enjoy playing various games at his kindergarten everyday. Fruits Basket" is one of them. Whenever my son comes home and talks about the games he enjoyed, it reminds me of the games I played when I was little. Unlike my own son, I grew up slowly and always lost at games. Unlike me, my son seems to enjoy winning at games, which is encouraging. (As you can see, I was, and still am, the type of person who was better suited to drawing and making things alone.)

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How to Play Fruit Baskets 1. Arrange chairs in a circle and sit facing inward. / 2. Decide on one person to stand in the middle of the chairs. / 3. Divide the children, including the person standing, into three or four kinds of fruit. For example, tell each person in turn what fruit they are: "pineapple," "banana," "mandarin orange," and "peach," and the children learn what fruit they are. / 4. When the children have learned what fruit they are, it is time to begin! The person standing in the middle says the name of his/her favorite fruit from among the fruits that were assembled earlier. Example: "Pineapple! / 5. The person who is told the name of his/her fruit leaves the seat he or she was sitting in and sits in another empty seat. At this time, the person standing in the middle also looks for an empty seat and sits down. / 6. The person who could not sit in the chair stands in the middle of the chair and repeats 4 to 5. / 7. If you say more than one name of fruit, OK! Example: "Apples and oranges!" In addition to the names of the fruits, you can also say "fruit basket." When "fruit basket" is said, everyone moves to their seats.
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