Karen McAlister Shimoda / Wall Art / Glacial / 01

$ 50.00

Karen McAlister Shimoda is connected to the art world across disciplines of drawing, printmaking, collage, book making, and painting. We admire Karen's love for nature and how her art is a reminder of the impacts of climate change. Climate Change being one of the most defining issues of our time and we are at a defining moment.

Her Glacial series are acrylic paintings on Dura-Lar drafting film, adhered to 4" square wooden panels. Powerful alone and extraordinary hung in many. This is Glacial 01.

Karen uses both sides of the Dura-Lar in her micro paintings, giving them added depth and contrast. These "littles" are 4" square and explore color and discovering how colors and combinations of color can portray an emotional expression.
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