Karen McAlister Shimoda / Wall Art / Field Notes / Lower Piney Creek

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Karen McAlister Shimoda is connected to the art world across disciplines of drawing, printmaking, collage, book making, and painting. We admire her love for nature and how her art is a reminder of the impacts of climate change. Climate Change being one of the most defining issues of our time and we are at a defining moment.

Karen's Field Notes series is a record of her botanic and artistic relationship with the forest, mountain, and waterway trails, of the American Northwest. This black cube is Lower Piney Creek, inspired by a volcanic featured trail in Wyoming.

Also shown is the Quarry Trail white cube, inspired by a trail in Portland. Sold separately.

While living in Portland, OR, Karen was instantly, instinctively, drawn to the lush, voluminous coniferous forests, which shared with her a generative, unending universe of patterns, textures, surfaces, layers, folds, and recesses. She immersed herself, as an observer, in the narratives of the natural world. And she began to translate, as an artist, what she saw and experienced into a series of both abstract and representational works. The forests populating and sustaining the Northwest have formed the foundation of a project that continues to expand into natural environments beyond the region. Field Notes includes trails from the Northwest and beyond.
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