Jean Jack / Fine Art / Painting / Old Farm Near Topsham

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Jean Jack's Old Farm Near Topsham captures the sky and land and a beautiful sense of place in its vibrant, rich color palette. Jean has a talent for presenting these many layers of meanings in a few deft strokes of color, or a few carefully chosen shapes. 

Her artwork conveys the quiet dignity of architectural shapes as she rearranges them, tries them out from different perspectives, composes them in varying color relationships, and emphasizes the specific beauty of different forms. She loves these buildings for their imperfections and idiosyncrasies; and it is both impossible and unimportant to know exactly when or where these places exist, because they are creations of the artist. 

The images that arouse Jean Jack's curiosity are discovered on the open road. "As I set out with my camera in an adventurous frame of mind, I criss-cross the country and seek inspiration for my work. Often it is on the fast-moving interstate where I discover, quite by accident, the perfect simplicity of a farmhouse or a barn. I am not interested in the details as much as the abstractions — the way the afternoon sun falls off a slanting roof, tall forsaken grass that cradles an old structure, or stairs that once led to a seaside path that now leads nowhere at all. The challenge is to catch the image with my camera from this inconvenient 'backstage' angle." ~ Jean Jack
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