Jean Jack / Fine Art / Painting / Kayak Waiting

$ 7,800.00

Jean Jack's Kayak Waiting is a prime example of her vibrant color palette and scenes depicting her perspective of real houses.

Despite Jean's use of very real houses and barns as models, these are realistic paintings only in a sense. 'Idealistic' is perhaps a better word for the convincing power of the very simplified forms and colors. These bright, sensitive paintings are more of an exquisite arrangement of elements that express an essential feeling about houses in the country from California to Maine rather than a view out of a window. 

"America's heartland influences the bulk of my work. I am particularly attracted to utilitarian structures that have a weathered history, as they express a more hauntingly lonely expression than the congestion of suburban or city life. Throughout the years, my work has become more minimal, as well. Shapes occurring by circumstance intrigue me far more than deliberate artifice." ~ Jean Jack
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