Jamie Kelty / Fine Art / Painting / Nothing is Impossible

$ 495.00

Nothing is Impossible. Mixed Media Painting

"These works include images cut from my sketchbook as well as assorted papers. They also include more 3-D objects that are found or recycled from my personal use. I am drawn to detritus in certain forms. It’s amazing what one can find along a walk. Some plastic or metal piece that fell from a vehicle. The shape, the design, the history all resonate with me. When I make these artworks, I want to give the characters some grounding, memento, or insight that connects the character to the story and visually adds interest, texture, and depth to the composition. Acrylic paint, ink, and drawing materials are used as an underpainting and to add details, texture and design to the artwork." ~ Jamie Kelty

The raw materials and meticulous details in Jamie Kelty's collages reflect her memories, history and a crafted world of design.
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