Ende Collective / Rings / Mini V

$ 75.00

The Mini V ring is petite on its own and stunning stacked together. Ende Collective designed this ring after the Voyager space crafts 1 & 2 that were launched to study our solar system in the 70's. Voyager 1 has gone Interstellar and traveled further than any other spacecraft– ever. 

If item is out of stock, or your size is not available, it can be made to order. Please inquire.

Behind each of Ende Collective's jewelry is a story. Even the name Ende, one of the very first female artists (history points to a nun, also an illustrator of manuscripts) to sign her artwork in the 10th Century. Krista Gambrell, the designer, says, "Art as a unique extension of one's self is the unspoken language of connection. I aim to explore this subtle communication through clean aesthetics, modern design and structure, and a conviction for achieving the perfect expression through object and form."
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