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$ 195.00

This ring is out of this world. When designing it Ende Collective thought of how a normal ring functions and how they could reshape the idea of a 'ring.' They came up with Universe Expanding. This ring is made to be worn on the middle of the finger to keep it functional but 'infinite.' A one of a kind piece made for everyday wear. We promise it will not go unnoticed. 

This unique design is named after Edwin Hubble's 1925 discovery that the universe was expanding. He proved a direct relationship between the speeds of distant galaxies and their distances from Earth, which is now known as Hubble’s Law. He even had a number named after him, which is the single number that describes the rate of the cosmic expansion called the Hubble Constant.

If item is out of stock, or your size is not available, it can be made to order. Please inquire.

Note on Sizing: When ordering please order according to the size of your knuckle. Each size will vary slightly as they are hand crafted. Behind each of Ende Collective's jewelry is a story. Even the name Ende, one of the very first female artists (history points to a nun, also an illustrator of manuscripts) to sign her artwork in the 10th Century. Krista Gambrell, the designer, says, "Art as a unique extension of one's self is the unspoken language of connection. I aim to explore this subtle communication through clean aesthetics, modern design and structure, and a conviction for achieving the perfect expression through object and form."
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