Cute Coffee / DivinA "AppleBuM" El Salvador

$ 22.00
Whole Bean: Roasted Beans

October 2020 New Arrival! DivinA "AppleBuM" Providencia coffee comes from Sicafe Estate Coffee Farms in El Salvador–6 family-owned farms and 6 generations of coffee producers since 1860. This red bourbon variety results in one of the best coffees in the world for espressos.

Beans are procured and roasted to perfection by Cute Coffee, a women-led BIPOC brand out of Oakland, CA.

The photograph here shows the designs of the coffee on the patios drying; the lanes follow the direction of the sun to avoid shadows and have an even drying.  

Tasting Notes:
Let's get poetic and talk about these flavor notes up in DivinA "Applebum" ~ Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Milk Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Lavender, Toffee, Caramel, Brown Sugar

Limited Edition:
Experience this coffee until the supply runs out (reorder until we show out of stock). We'll keep introducing you to Cute Coffee's next batch, from new growers and new locations! 

Part of our Ethical Pantry, we love the eco-minded and women-focused story of Cute Coffee and Sicafe Estate Farms... The farms use aqua pulpers and all coffees are dried on raised beds. There are also projects around recycling plastics, reuse, reduction and soil related climate change mitigation techniques– all focused on building community engagement and knowledge transfer. / Through AMCES {Aliana de Mujeres en Café de El Salvador} Sicafe have been helping women producers working at the family farms through financing micro loans, monthly seminars for employees on subjects like self-esteem, and a core group of 24 women are trained with a keen eye for quality control working in the patios and raised beds.
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