Cute Coffee / Casabianka Dream Island Treat Colombia

$ 23.00
Whole Bean: Roasted Beans

Imagine yourself sitting on an island under a palm tree with a creamy, stone fruit, pineapple, and fresh sugar cane drink. Sprinkle a little cardamon, cinnamon, and some fresh vanilla from the pod! BAM! Watch out now, you are chillin! 

Welcome to the island of Agua De Dios Regional from Casabianca Tolima from where the female founders of Cute Coffee procured the beans! They then roast them to perfection in Oakland, CA. 

Tasting Notes:
Tropical, sugar cane, in season donut peaches, cinnamon, cardamon, 70% milk chocolate, teddy grahams, vanilla straight out the pod, and blanched citrus peels cause this is not bitter citrus we're talking about here. That sweet candied citrus peel of an in season clementine!

Limited Edition:
Experience this coffee until the supply runs out (reorder until we show out of stock). We'll keep introducing you to Cute Coffee's next batch, from new growers and new locations! 

Part of our Ethical Pantry, we love the eco-minded and women-focused story of Cute Coffee and the collective La Real Expedición Botánica. Aña and Herbert both come from coffee families and are helping other producers with various processes of coffee growing: Spending money together to buy necessary things like horses that will help move supplies and things up and down the mountain; workers are getting paid 25% more and leaving an hour earlier than other farm workers; they're growing food in each other's garden; helping sell each other's coffee; coming together to open their own dry mill next year and a large number of the farmers are women, including the farm manager.
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