Cru Chocolate / Chocolate Bar / Flor de Maiz

$ 15.00

This Pinol inspired dark chocolate bar celebrates the union of fine cacao and heirloom corn key to Central American ancestral drinks. Cru Chocolate roasts and stone grounds the smooth, deep cacao and heirloom green corn, then adds a touch of traditional spices resulting in a food that nourishes your body and lightens your soul. 

It's been said that happiness finds those who rejoice in the union of Maiz and Cacao. We'll take both the yummy smoothness of this bar and eating it for a dose of happy! Maíz (the predecessor for what is today known as corn) and Cacao have a long and sacred history in the Americas. Mayan creation stories tell of their first grandparents being made from Maíz. This Flor de Maiz Cultural Heritage Edition bar is inspired by these stories and by several Central American ancestral drinks that have been traditionally relied upon for ritual, nourishment, and enjoyment.
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