Bob Dinetz / Ceramics / Vase / Balloon

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Bob's balloon vases are stunning! The most elegant sensual version we've seen yet. A popular and distinct style from the mid-century, we love Bob's modern take and covet them regularly.

Bob's got a great story though about why he calls them balloon vases... "When I first started making these, the clay would always slump or cave in. Several times I fixed the problem by blowing air into the narrow neck to return the piece to the desired form. It’s best to make the shape correctly and avoid using this procedure, but it’s why I call them Balloon vases." ~ Bob Dinetz

The Balloon Vase is wheel-thrown in Birch White recycled clay—iron in the clay produces the speckles in the surface, creating a unique finish every time. Items shipped may not match photos exactly. This is a handmade item with slight variances in shape, height and glaze finish.
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