Bob Dinetz / Ceramics / Plate / Dinner 9.5

$ 68.00

These plates will make your dinner shine and even the simplest toast look delectable with their rustic, clean beauty. They're light, easy to handle and due to the handmade nature, each piece is ever so slightly different.

About his process, designer Bob Dinetz says: Throwing to a gauge, or fixed measurement, is a challenge for me and requires a bit of concentration. It’s also been the best way to learn how I can get clay to go where I want it to go — over and over again. Repetitive throwing sounds boring, but the rhythm of it helps develop throwing skills and reasonable accuracy while creating sets of dinnerware or other kinds of pieces. 

These plates are wheel-thrown and glazed in Birch White while the unglazed exterior, or underside, has a wonderful roasted almond color providing a beautiful contrast to the glazed top surface. Iron in the clay produces the speckles in the surface—the amount varies with each plate. Two footrings are hand-trimmed for a finished look to the underside. Items shipped may not match photos exactly. This is a handmade item with slight variances in shape, height and glaze finish.
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