Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Toro

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Original Toro, Toro II and Toro III sold but their cousins Toro IV and Toro 2020 are available (first  and second images respectively).

"Toro" was made with Poet and/the Bench in mind and was the first of his kind. The brilliant bull is a shining example of Austyn Taylor's figurative work, existing where Hieronymus Bosch meets Picasso. Quietly partnered with contemporary design, it calls back to our animist history where wandering spirits found refuge in masks and idols. Lucky us, animals that imagine being human.


Artist Austyn Taylor has always had a calling to the imaginative and comical side of life. Her work draws on mysticism, making ancient tales accessible in the modern world.

"My work is formed within the populist style of American animation, I give the figures a meta-modernist examination and then pose them to stare self-consciously at the absurdity of our collective humanity."  ~ Austyn Taylor

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