Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Space Jam

$ 750.00

Artist Austyn Taylor's "Space Jam" references contemporary design, art history and ancient animist/mystical/spiritual works of humanity. Space Jam is a ceramic dinosaur sculpture that marries Austyn’s view on contemporary design with pop culture. Nice boots!

Austyn says she is the result of watching too many cartoons in the 80sThe work is accessible for people without a background in art history and esoteric mysticism but also has Easter eggs (hidden meaning or a special discovery) for people into Gilgamesh, Egyptology and Gertie the Dinosaur. "Lucky us, animals that imagine being human." 

Austyn Taylor’s panpsychist humorist narrative has led to the creation of a world of repeated characters: bear, bull, horse, deer, lion, duck, predator, prey etc. Each piece is a declaration, a statement; the works exist as an optimistic reframe from the rampant psychological banalities of human narrative.
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