Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Nietzche Horse

$ 2,000.00

Nietzche by Austyn Taylor is a ceramic horse sculpture that plays on her forever philosophy crush! "Can’t believe he was singled out in those mountains for so long! This piece is absolutely my favorite work I have made in a long time. The missing cut out hearts – this is a “heartless” horse but full of love." Austyn's work uses imagery which is foundational for so many millions of minds – the cartoon, the toy, the animal – symbols of growth and healing.

Austyn says, "My art practice is at its core a reaction to the deconstructed heaps of culture left by post modernism and a search for value and virtue. My aim as an artist is to create works which circle around sacred values such as unconditional love, authenticity, imagination and human dignity. For 20 years my work has utilized figurative characters evolved from the closest thing to authentically sacred symbols from my culture- the graphic hand drawn aesthetics found in American animation."

"Nietzsche. The hearts are literally carved out of the body~heartless! This idea that "life has meaning" and the Nietzsche line "We have killed God and will never be able to wash the blood away"(full passage below in Details) is something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I am building a (sorta joke/absurdist) belief system for Americans pieced together from the dead organizing Christian God Nietzsche credits with the creation of the "west" (Modernism vs. Meaning), American exceptionalism mythology (enlightenment thinking) and just plain old life as it passes in a boring way with ducks eating bread and the look of anthropomorphic "knowing" in nonhuman animal's eyes. I feel like a big certainty to count on is absurdity (Kierkegaard) and going further with the work, these are all icons and idles to a "2020 USA American good person" worldview."
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