Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Mighty Bull

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Mighty Bull by Austyn Taylor. Also known as Scamp–mischievous and amusing.

From Austyn: "I make a variety of work, but always think to reference beautiful contemporary design, art history and ancient animist/mystical/spiritual works of humanity. I am pursuing multi dimensional work which works for multiple levels of human experience. The work is accessible for people without a background in art history and esoteric mysticism but also has Easter eggs (hidden meaning or a special discovery) for people into Gilgamesh, Egyptology and Gertie the Dinosaur."

We are pulling some amazing pieces from Austyn's archive! From the artist: My work is formed within the populist style of American animation, I give the figures a meta-modernist examination and then pose them to stare self-consciously at the absurdity of our collective humanity. The resulting sculpted and drawn works use “concerned humor” to address subconscious pseudo-spiritual scripts underlying popularly embodied mythologies (psychologies) of self.
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