Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Mickey

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Mickey is a supreme example of Austyn Taylor's blending of animist history with pop culture, sculpted in a very black, ebony-like finish using Aardvark Clay's Cassius Basaltic.

Austyn says, "I am a humanist, optimist and I suppose, a humorist, too. I make work that is strong and bold while balancing honesty and humility." Mickey is all that and more. Would make a joyful edition to any shelfie!

A little history, Mickey didn't speak until his 9th film. He laughed, whistled, squealed, squeaked and even cried prior. It wasn't until 1929, just as "talkies" began to take over Hollywood, that Mickey broke his silence in The Karnival Kid. In the cartoon, Mickey plays a barker at a carnival concession cart. His very first words? "Hot dogs! Hot dogs!"
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