Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Heart Holder

$ 1,200.00

Heart Holder is the best kind of fun. A removable head, you could consider buying another color or two from the Bunny Brigade series to change up your vibe.

Austyn says, "I am a humanist, optimist and I suppose, a humorist, too. I make work that is strong and bold while balancing honesty and humility. This 2020-2021 series serve as icons for unrelenting hope, creativity in the face of adversity and faith in humanity." ~ Austyn Taylor

From the artist: I believe this time period which we live in now will be remembered as the “Great Reset”. Each of our individual decisions are uniquely important right now. What kind of future will we create together? I make these works as my contribution to symbols of hope, human good will and appreciation for history.
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