Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Guardian Duck

$ 1,050.00

This ceramic sculpture is a new exploration for Austyn and in her words is a "chimera of friendly domesticated animals a duck (domesticated 4,000 yrs ago), horse (~3,000 yrs ago) and dog (~arguments for 30,000-6,400 years ago).

The surface glows with yellow and green bumps of crawling glaze over blue and pink stoneware. The vibrant colors follow the historic spirit of California ceramics. California artists were the first to elevate clay from functional craft to "FUNK". Funking Californians like Ken Price and Ron Nagel used bright colors and poppy shine to elevate raw earth to a fine art statement on behalf of the wonderful spirit of California culture.

Guardian Duck is my first step into using vibrant color. Most of my works have been black and white drawn on graphite surface or solid colors."

From the artist: I think of the color blob sensation as a form of non-dying flowers, abstract expressionism made 3D, something between design and art and entertaining/bright. There is a lovely connection to the 2020 zeitgeist–that these works are a celebration of transformation, of change, of growth and decay.
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