Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Great Reason

$ 3,000.00

Referencing Austyn's art history background, "Great Reason" calls back to Greek fine art, the Mannerist style of the Late European Renaissance, the Phoenix, Griffin, Romulus and Remus’ she-wolf. It has a strong social message of the cyclical nature of society, empires, the nature of Internet domination, Austyn's liberal patriotism, and the idea that with every new invention, morality gets reinvented.

Austyn says, “'To meditate on the word 'GREAT' one can feel the mind altering spell words hold on our perception and the critical need to evolve language. 'REASON' may be the most neglected virtue. To take the time to be present, breathe, view through fresh eyes, unemotional, intelligent, see the big picture, see the long game, see history, see fabrications, trends, habits, failures, successes, common and uncommon sense. Chained to oneself. The griffin's face is taken from an ancient Greek bronze wine cauldron that was kept outside temples for people to scoop their rhyton's (drinking vessels) into. The wings are eagle imperial. The legs and chains are mine. The piece holds the contradictions, bastardizations and relations between 'freedom' and ownership." Say the words together and you have: GREAT TREASON
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