Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Elephant

$ 4,200.00

Elephant is part of a new menagerie of ceramic animal sculptures that have landed by Austyn Taylor. Fun, celebratory works at the intersection of contemporary art, history and pop culture. 

"This 2020-2021 series serve as icons for unrelenting hope, creativity in the face of adversity and faith in humanity." ~ Austyn Taylor

Hands down the lesson for me, as an artist, has been faith in absurdity. Everything with a grain of salt, everything with friendly spirit, strengthening one's humor has never been more critical for survival! Bigger, simpler, happier! My focus on this series has been unconditional love, optimism and faith in humanity to self-educate and do the right thing. These pieces become your family once you bring them into your space and act as a beacon of goodwill, good luck and people's innate goodness shining through. At the same time the works aren't wimps, each stands to defend your home if Beetlejuice were ever to bring them to life!
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