Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Chess Not Checkers Horse

$ 6,900.00

Chess Not Checkers by Austyn Taylor is a dramatic tall black ceramic horse with elegant texture and the coolest leg-gings. If it were fashion, we'd liken him to Comme des Garçons, Jill Sander, Acne Studios... tell us what you think!!?

"Hands down the lesson for me, as an artist, has been faith in absurdity. Everything with a grain of salt, everything with friendly spirit, strengthening one's humor has never been more critical for survival! Bigger, simpler, happier! My focus on this series has been unconditional love, optimism and faith in humanity to self-educate and do the right thing." ~ Austyn Taylor

From the artist: I use imagery from midcentury American cartoons, modern art and ancient sculpture to astutely drum home friendly adages like, “everyone is trying their best.” Hand-made sculptures symbolically visualize our collective humanity, give proof for a pro-human doctrine and make valid an optimistic approach to reality.
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