Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Blue Bear

$ 9,250.00

California Love! A life born in the Bay. Tall, beautiful and Blue Bear! A ceramic sculpture that elicits laughter, hope and optimism! Smile always. 


"In the face of "apocalypse" you can laugh or cry. Death and rebirth have never been more real, for even the most privileged of people. Corona, like Coca-Cola*, leveled out the world. The intense reality of existence vibes between opportunities. This is the time for every living human to write the script for The Real World Season 2 “Post-Corona." 

Hands down the lesson for me, as an artist, has been faith in absurdity. Everything with a grain of salt, everything with friendly spirit, strengthening one's humor has never been more critical for survival! Bigger, simpler, happier! My focus on this series has been unconditional love, optimism and faith in humanity to self-educate and do the right thing. 

These pieces become your family once you bring them into your space and act as a beacon of goodwill, good luck and people's innate goodness shining through. At the same time the works aren't wimps, each stands to defend your home if Beetlejuice were ever to bring them to life! They are spiritual sculptures–as an American with British ancestry (1800s? Not sure when my ancestors got here; they all were poor southerners in AL and TN), I am not sure what etymological term can convey this. I would use "totems" or "haniwa" figures–I don't want to sound "fruity/witchy" but would like to communicate that the sculptures I make do function to carry spiritual weight when you live with them, and they act to channel psycho-spiritual energies. 

The point of me making them is that they act as conduits for unresolved existential human/animal drama." ~ Austyn Taylor 

*Andy Warhol said that Coca-Cola is the great equalizer. No matter if you are rich or poor Coca-Cola tastes the same and gives the same peace of mind.

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