Mason Bowen Bondi

From a remote location in Island Park, Idaho, Mason Bowen Bondi encouraged his artist voice. From what was isolating, emerged a discovery of freedom. “The American West is a lonely and compelling place, wild and dangerous,” he writes. His work in Idaho focused on animal imagery and animal magic–and the lyrical exchange between man and animal. From his studio in San Rafael, Mason’s work continues to evolve as he explores perspective, materials and subject matter.

Dark Horse / 60x60 / Available at Poet and/the Bench
Bronze Goat (lower right) / 16x16 
/ Available at Poet and/the Bench

Mason Bowen Bondi_Dark Horse

Mason Bowen Bondi_Dark Horse

Donkey / 24x24 / Available at Poet and/the Bench

Mason Bowen Bondi_Donkey_In Situ

Mason Bowen Bondi_Donkey

Elk / 48x48 / Available at Poet and/the Bench

Mason Bowen Bondi_Elk_In SituMason Bowen Bondi_Elk

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