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This encaustic is part of the Still We Rise Auction no. 8 from April 13-20 in Response to COVID-19. 

Ravens and Roses are iconic images that have played starring roles in art. René Magritte was known for his thought-provoking paintings, often depicting ordinary objects in an unusual context. Both ravens and Magritte continue to have strong influence on Linda Benenati's work, seen here in her ode to Magritte's Le Coup Au Coeur, a painting featuring his iconic rose and reinterpreted here with beautiful context.

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Linda has ventured into wonderland for her delightful encaustic paintings. This ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks, uses heat throughout the process, from melting the beeswax mixture to fusing each layer of wax. Linda's encaustic medium consists of natural bees wax and dammar resin (crystallized tree sap). She also uniquely incorporates collage elements, which add surprise and dimension.
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