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Terasu's Field Materials Vol 1.5 is a 5-year study that breaks down the traditional framework of the field guide. It required an unreserved and interdisciplinary pursuit spanning physical, professional and personal domains and questions. They analyzed matter, the body, tools, methods, taste, the built environment, memory and the wild.

In Field Materials you will find chef interviews, essays by artists and craftsman, and images taken by photographers who have a sort of specialization in their field. By loosely interpreting the terms 'field' and 'material', Terasu have abstracted the notion of a field guide. Contributor Birdview Distillery has 8 recipes in the Zine featuring their hand-crafted flagship brandy, El Castor, made from California-grown prickly pears. We had a tasting event with Birdview in 2019 and became new fans!
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