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“People like sets. In fact my sisters and I are a set, but at the same time not at all a set. I personally have also tried to make a set of pottery. I find this very difficult. Even when I really try, it doesn't feel like a set. Right now I'm working on "yo-yo" bowls. They look okay in the photo, but trust me, they don't really match. By the way, ‘yo-yo’ is how I figure out how much clay to use. Throwing off the hump, these bowls took two yo-yo's worth of clay.” ~Koko⁠

"We use the cups and bowls at the desk while working, studying, and also while walking around and thinking!" ~ Massa

We love the dialogue between the Ceramic Sisters. Create your own with their pottery stories.

Wheel thrown large ceramic eating bowl suitable for ramen soup, a dish of pasta, hearty salad or a very large grapefruit. This is a handmade item with slight variances in shape, height and glaze finish. Items shipped may not match photos exactly.
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