Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / American Bear

$ 830.00

American Bear is part of a new menagerie of ceramic animal sculptures that have landed. Fun, celebratory works at the intersection of contemporary art, history and pop culture. Fall in love with these invented characters. 

"This fall 2020 series serve as icons for unrelenting hope, creativity in the face of adversity and faith in humanity. The figures draw from historical objects like wide eyed Mayan jaguar figures and the mohawked war ponies of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. The figures also serve as historical markers from the great American tradition of hand drawn animation that ushered in the new era of motorized vehicles and massive television consumption. These icons were created using the Neolithic technique of a “press mold” to start–this is a time saving assist to the artist which historically has allowed a larger portion of a society to purchase and live with artworks." ~ Austyn Taylor

American Bear's markings were made using Sgraffito (in Italian "to scratch") with an underglaze applied to the leather hard bear sculpture, then Austyn uses a tool to scratch off parts of the layer to create the fur texture. From the artist: I believe this time period which we live in now will be remembered as the “Great Reset”. Each of our individual decisions are uniquely important right now. What kind of future will we create together? I make these works as my contribution to symbols of hope, human good will and appreciation for history.
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