Amphora Nueva / Culinary / Olive Oil / Baklouti Fused Green Chili

$ 18.00

Calling all spicy food lovers!¬†ūüĆ∂¬†This Fused Bakouti is an organic finishing oil¬†made on¬†Amphora's own family mill in Tunisia using¬†the¬†method of infusion called agrumato fusion that makes it so incredibly tasty.¬†

Agrumato fusion draws flavor directly from the fresh green chile peppers to give olive oils an authentic flavors. 10 pounds of the spicy green chiles from North Africa’s Barbary Coast are crushed into each pound of organic olives! This is a stronger, more complex, absolutely more natural way to consume infused oils. 

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Mass producing olive oil companies often tout their seemingly fresh products, but actually use extracts to add flavor to their olive oils. Likely it's the cheap cost and ease of managing the process versus fresh ingredients. But there's no substitute!! This oil will finish your salads, roasted veggies and fish dishes with a kick of beautiful spice!
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