Loren Lewis Cole / Ring / Serena

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Three parallel lines wrap around the finger with simple elegance in the Serena Ring. It’s often the space between things that makes them brilliant. + the number three has aesthetic power in art, and brings a sense of balance and harmony. Lighter than many of the others in the collection, the Serena ring is dignified yet expressive. 

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"Gold has always had mystical properties associated with it. It’s incomparable properties mesmerising all who lay eyes on it. . That such radiant substance is found in the deepest darkest depths of colossal rock and earth, perhaps, mirrors our own internal treasure trove of personal wholeness and true radiance." ~ Loren Lewis Cole ✨✨✨ Loren Lewis Cole uses traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery, each lovingly made to order.
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