Loren Lewis Cole / Earrings / Neptune's Daughter

$ 340.00

Neptune's Daughter earrings tell the story of Neptune, who presented his daughter with a garland of golden tentacles. ⁠Creating a flirtatious sound that tinkered near her ears, they served to protect her from the haunting beauty and creatures of parallel planes that populate the ocean’s profound chasms– as well as a reminder of the inseparability of mystery and beauty. ✨⁠These earrings are an enshrined token of wisdom and depth.

"Gold has always had mystical properties associated with it. It’s incomparable properties mesmerising all who lay eyes on it. . That such radiant substance is found in the deepest darkest depths of colossal rock and earth, perhaps, mirrors our own internal treasure trove of personal wholeness and true radiance." ~ Loren Lewis Cole ✨✨✨ Loren Lewis Cole uses traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery, each lovingly made to order.
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