Loren Lewis Cole / Earrings / Sun Power Studs

$ 120.00

Designer Loren Lewis Cole designed these small studs of sumptuous texture for your delicate lobes and as an amulet. Even in the most challenging of situations there are swirling galaxies of possibility that radiate as bright as the sun. These amulets speak to the native wilderness of your unique expression, as a reminder to hear her song. 

Wherever you are, wander far from the chattering and the voices, the noises and advice, and softly come home to the vulnerability of your heart, this powerful creature that you are.


Exploring the wordless narrative of composition, the influence texture and shapes play in our sense of beauty, and the inherent pleasure in being a woman. Loren Lewis Cole uses traditional methods of lost wax casting to make your jewellery, each lovingly made to order.
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