Linda Benenati / Art / Encaustic / Mango Tango

$ 495.00

Dance with your fave partner. Linda Benenati crafts imaginative narratives in her encaustic paintings. Fab on its own. We love it paired with Jane of the Jungle.  

"Ultimately it is not the tools or even my studio space which determines what a painting will be or how it will develop. I have a busy brain always searching for and making connections and imagining what might be. Ideas come to me throughout the day and sometimes in the middle of the night. I keep a bedside notebook. I have notebooks filled with ideas and computer files filled with images. I never seem to run out of ideas for new paintings. I am always excited to move on to a new piece." ~ Linda Benenati

Linda has ventured into wonderland for her delightful encaustic paintings. This ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks, uses heat throughout the process, from melting the beeswax mixture to fusing each layer of wax. Linda's encaustic medium consists of natural bees wax and dammar resin (crystallized tree sap). She also uniquely incorporates collage elements, which add surprise and dimension.
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