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“Make Whole” limited edition OOAK donut vases by Judith Lemmens. The shape is known in mathematical terms as a torus and gave Judith the opportunity to explore new forms and a technical challenge. Read about her process in Pottery Making Illustrated.

This one has 2 different designs on each side, both with carved lines and black and white glazing and features a more convex form.  

"The torus shape has an infinite number of possibilities for variation. There’s room to play with the sizes of the center holes and the bands, the number and angle of footings and extensions, and of course the choice in decorative techniques. I recently started altering the shape of the torus itself by flattening some parts and concaving other parts of the surface. To me, the final torus piece is all about seeking balance. It is similar to our human process in finding our own balance, our new normal in these extraordinary circumstances." ~ Judith Lemmens
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