Jean Jack / Fine Art / Painting / Farm on Toll Road

$ 6,800.00

We love the vibrant, rich color palette of Jean Jack's Farm on Toll Road. Makes us want to become a hologram and step inside to experience it!

Our homes are a metaphor for who we are, who we wish we were, and where we want to be. According to the language of dreams, houses are even symbols of ourselves: complex interrelationships of interior and exterior realities, unconscious and conscious lives. Jean Jack has a talent for presenting these many layers of meanings in a few deft strokes of color, or a few carefully chosen shapes. 

"America's heartland influences the bulk of my work. I am particularly attracted to utilitarian structures that have a weathered history, as they express a more hauntingly lonely expression than the congestion of suburban or city life. Throughout the years, my work has become more minimal, as well. Shapes occurring by circumstance intrigue me far more than deliberate artifice." ~ Jean Jack
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