Austyn Taylor / Fine Art / Sculpture / Jasper Johns Horse

$ 6,900.00

Jasper Johns horse sculpture is a tall rainbow of love. An Austyn Taylor dream capturing the fun, bold, celebratory inspiration she's been exploring and with nods to the target motifs (and flags, stencils, maps and common objects) in Jasper Johns' art. 

Austyn draws from ancient and contemporary sources to create works of “folk-pop”. Somewhere between “hype” and “hope” the history of their creation is reflected in the material handling. The work provokes a curious humor that comes with resonation to the absurd and alienating experience of existing.

These pieces become your family once you bring them into your space and act as a beacon of goodwill, good luck and people's innate goodness shining through. At the same time the works aren't wimps, each stands to defend your home if Beetlejuice were ever to bring them to life!
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